Sunday, November 2, 2008

Things Got Wild...Missing Bike

So the race went off without a hitch...until after the race. 1st place winner Edward took a post race/booze fall that resulted in face wound. Then it was decided that the remainder of the crew was going to find/crash the mysterious Bike Peddler Pub Crawl. For some reason no one that was doing the pub crawl knew anything about it, but we were at least able to find out that it was in East Nashville. Enroute to the Pub Crawl we decided to stop off at the Gallery Hop in the Arcade building. This proved to be more than a small stop and more booze was consumed. By the time we were ready to leave and intercept the pub crawl some of the crew was fairly smashed. One of the guys in from out of town decided he would try to find his way back to Hillsboro Village. He did make it back, but lost his bike in the process and cannot remember where it went. If anyone sees a green fixed gear bike with red deep v's please respond to this post so we can recover the bike. So we ended up at the Rosepepper and found the pub crawl. We were surprised to see that the event had que cards. Seems kind of fishy that no one knew anything about it, but then it was organized enough to have que cards. hmmmm. So we rode from the Rosepepper up to the Family Wash and drank another beer. There were at least two wrecks in this short stretch. Then the que cards told everyone the pub crawl was finished. We were invited to someone's house to drink some more beer with the stipulation that we bring out own. With that we were on our way to the Springwater.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the race. Please excuse me I am going to ride off last nights debauchery.

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