Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alleycat Race to Support Less Fortunate Dec. 13th

Looks like there is going to be an Alleycat Race on the afternoon of Saturday December 13th. The race will involve riding to certain grocery stores and buying specified items. Racers should bring $10 to purchase groceries. At the end of the race your route will be verified by your reciepts. There will be an afterparty to follow. Details will be posted as they are worked out. See you there.


liam said...

Where is the start spot? coming in town for it.

beardsarefun said...

Im posting your race on our blog. I'd like to get a group to come ride with you guys some time. I've been out of town too much and plan on going to ATL in a few weeks so I probably wont make it but your last write up sounded awesome and I really want to check it out. I hope it's as much fun as your last one. v.

matt said...

the start is Centennial park. race starts at 2pm sharp. after party etc.