Friday, October 24, 2008


Its on...Meet in the front of Centennial Park (on the East side of the main entrance next to West End Ave.) before 2pm on Saturday November 1st. Manifests will be issued at 1:55pm race will start at 2pm sharp. Extra large shout out to Identity Crisis Design for the great flier.


beardsarefun said...

how many riders do you guys typically have in ur alleycats? with a little notice, i could probably get some of us huntsville guys to drive up. there is also a fix-bash in birmingham...kinda an overbooked weekend everywhere. yeh, that is an awesome flyer.


fixedgearnashville said...

We probably had 40 people show up last race. This may be the last race until the weather starts warming. We will try to get the word out a little sooner next time.

Jarrod said...

Great work on that flyer. Glad I found this blog from a link on twofivefix. I knew Nashville had to have some stuff going on. Good luck w/ the aleycat.

Bobbie Jo said...

About 16 racers showed up during the race, and a crew of about 8 showed up post race for some trick/mexican food time.

Good win Edward, and best of luck on the face wound.

Pisto Poseur said...

I was wondering if anything was going on in Nashville around Thanksgiving week. I'll be in town for about a week and would love to get out and ride or whatever could be happening.
Check my blog for email.

River City Fix'd said...

I'm starting to do some work/promotion here in Owensboro, KY. Maybe we could do some cross promotion, get you nashvillians up here and we could come down for your event.