Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Late Post Race Post

So these races have been kind of takes a few days to recover from the party to the point where I would like to write about it, so I appologize for my lack of haste in doing the updates. The fixed gear community in Nashville deserves more. But at least now they do have a bike shop that carries things that you normally had to special order in the past and that bike shop is open on Sundays. In the past if you needed bike stuff on Sunday you either had to wait or go out to longer. Anyway to get to the point. HALCYON BIKES is now open and they came in with a bang, helping out with the most recent Alleycat race. The race started off strong, the offical turnout was counted at 42. The manifest included 5 grocery stores that had to be reached in order to win the race. Once again there were people that were competive and people that were more laid back and went to bars in between stops. The final stop was Halcyon Bikes (yes, I am dropping the name once again), where they had a great spread of Vegan BBQ and Yazoo Beer. A couple of bands played and there were lots of people there despite the cold weather...good times were had. Guys sticking around for late night activities ended up down on Lower Broadway with a trip to Robert's then on to Decades. More details about those activities can be found here:

There is still talk of Roller Races once Brian's Physics students crank out the circuitry....and there is talk of another Alleycat that involves taking tickets from parking garages to keep up with checkpoints.

happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

so I just recently picked up a cheap road bike converted....does nashville have a fixed scene at all? I was looking for people to ride with once it gets warm out.

matt said...

Hates the moment, follow the link above. on the right side of the screen, there is a link to Join this group.

Not all members of the group ride fixed but a large # do. Joining the group will let you know about meet ups for rides and other events and will let you email other group members about rides.