Wednesday, September 3, 2008

...and the winners are...

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the race on Saturday.  Next time we will do something to keep better track of everyone and their times.  For now I will post what I remember.  

1st-Adam (from bike peddler)
2nd-Andy (opening used bike shop in November)
3rd&4th-Sun&Ski Sports Guys
5th-Team Skum Life

Since the top 3 finishers declined their prizes Team Skum Life swept the awards.  

Right now we are tentatively planning on having a race around Halloween so look out.  In the meantime check fix memphis for their race on the 11th of September.  

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Fix Memphis said...

Congratulations Team Skum Life!

Our race is technically on the 11th of September, with movies, bike polo and other events the suceeding days.