Monday, August 11, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Alley Cat

Details Details Details. 

Its time for another race!  Meet at the dragon in Dragon Park on Saturday August 30th (Labor Day Weekend).  The bike race will start at 8:00pm sharp.  Manifests will be handed out at 7:55pm and will be available to latecomers for a short time after the start.  Location of the afterparty/cookout will be on the manifest as the last checkpoint.  The location is near Dragon Park, that is all that can be said right now.  All drivetrains and all abilities are welcome, the goal is to have a good time and create community.  If you can't win on a bike maybe you might be able to find someone to challenge you in chugging beer.  There will be prizes for the top 3 finishers.  The cookout will be be vegetarian/canivorian/beer drinker friendly, all are welcome.  Food and a limited amount beverages will be provided (though the beverage supply can/will be extended).  See you there!             

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